Time is just zipping by at its usual pace and here in Sweden fall is fast upon us. Less daylight and just a few months left to finish the year off in style. Are you up for it? If you need an extra boost that will take you well into the new year and beyond come and join us the 23rd of September in Gothenburg for a full day with Supercoach Michael Neill. This is your last chance to register and come along on a insight provoking journey that will transform both your business and your life.

Does investing in day of inspiration like that seem like a good idea to you? Are there other things that you think is more important that day? How do we sort out what’s worth doing when there is som many things to choose from? Where should I work? Who should I share my life with? What to have for lunch? An ever increasing amount of big and small decisions to make that can feel like the cause of a great deal of stress in our lives.

Anyway, if you can’t make it to our event you can at least make the decision to listen to one of my favorite episodes of Michael’s radio show by simply clicking the link. And, hopefully you will find my thoughts below on a basic principle for how you can make better decisions valuable in some way. Either way, take a nice slow breath, sit back, read and…

Make Your Life a Masterpiece,
Anders Haglund