It’s been a while since my last coaching letter due to some technical problems with sending it out. A lot of things have happened lately in my part of the world. The horrific events in Norway leaving over 80 people dead chocked us all. The consolation of it all is that a deranged minds plans seldom pans out. Instead of separating minorities from society people have come together as never before – hundreds of thousands of them symbolically holding hands in Oslo.

Let’s hope that will catch on and spread across the world like wildfire. It’s time to see that our future challenges will take all of us to overcome. That a difference of opinion is a good thing and that thoughts are only thoughts. As soon as we get stuck in thinking that it must be right ”because I thought it” we will have a hard time feeling as happy as was our intention when we took our thinking seriously.

Which is a good segway into my own thoughts this month, because they’re all about a profound principle that can make all the difference in the world. Not only for you personally, but to anyone that you have the privilege to touch – at the workplace, at home or anywhere else. Curious? Then scroll down, read and…

Make Your Life a Masterpiece,
Anders Haglund