Getting close to Christmas and still we have no snow here in Sweden. Not that I encountered much of it during our leadership week in Dubai that we just came back from. Neither was there any of it London where I attended the innate health conference with personal development greats like Michael Neill (click here to listen to an interview I did with him), George Pransky, Dr. Bill Petitt and a host of others.

Filled with insights and having that wonderful interal sunshine that is independent of the dark days of winter. Ever had that feeling after a seminar, event or trip? Actually, was pretty close to making the same mistake that I try innoculate people attending my seminars of making: Wanting to share so much that we feel like stopping people in the street, bubbling over with enthusiasm with our loved ones… but it might not be appreciated. People get their own best insights when they can come to them in their own sweet time.

There is more to life than to increase its speed” – Mahatma Gandhi

Anyway, I get a chance to inspire you who are reading this and hopefully this is your own sweet time. A place where a space opens up in your mind so that new thought can spring forth. And hopefully, my ideas in this months letter can be helpful in that regard. Because this time I take look at how we can handle all the possibilities that literally coming at us 24/7. Not even 10 life times would be enough to take advantage of them all, and trying to is not actually enriching our lives. So what to do? Hopefully, taking 5 minutes and investing in reading this months letter will be a productive way to start…

Make Your Life a Masterpiece,
Anders Haglund