This last month has been a time of mixed emotions for me. Our son has learned how to fall, stand up and get running again. His wonderfully excited laughter as he runs through the house is highly contagious. Furthermore, I have been able to reach more people than ever through my seminars.

However, three fantastic people that I knew passed away from cancer. One was my childhood hero Severiano Ballesteros. He was the reason that I learned Spanish (to be able to learn how to play bunker shots from him in his native language – motivation to study comes in many forms;-) No one was more alive on a golf course than he was.

The other two women who are not that famous except to the people who got to experience their kindness, love and innate strength all the way up to the end. Great examples of how life is all about how we think about it and how precious it is to be alive and that we should never take it for granted (check out an inspiring video here on how a brush with death can change anyone’s life).

This week I take a look at the relationship we have with our thoughts and how it affects our experience of life. Probably nothing new about that for you, but there is a little twist to the story. Subtle difference in comparison to what most of us have been brought up to believe and when you pick it up your world might take quantum leap for the better…

Gör ditt liv till ett Mästerverk,
Anders Haglund