A bit late in sending out this coaching letter but hopefully it is worth the wait:-) Being successful is not about being perfect but about getting back on the path as soon as you notice it.

So back to a nice, green salad and other good stuff if you happened to wolf down some fast food yesterday. Go for a walk or run after ”not having time” for a while. Get out there and meet some customers the day after being down and not feeling like it.

Please see how natural it is to both block our potential (losing hope) and letting it flow freely again (finding hope again). At heart we are a hopeful species and evolved to bounce back from even the toughest of times. Therefore, my hope is that this monthly letter reaches you at the right time to spark some of that hope and reconnect to the energy needed to make progress on YOUR dreams…

Your Life is a Masterpiece, discover it!

Anders Haglund