Getting to winter time hear in Sweden but looking out the window you wouldn’t know it. Looking more like september than late november. Global warming might seem like a great thing from this standpoint, but the more energy the atmosphere holds the more severe the weather can be.

We have to understand enough to realize, like Einstein did long before everyone else, that eating a lot of meat actually is much worse than driving a SUV to the airport and flying to work. 51% of all green house gasses is from live-stock. Almost 5 football fields of rainforest is cleared every second to make room for live-stock doubling the effect on the environment.

That’s my rant for the month, but just as with everything else we can’t do better until we understand better. This month I am inspired to show you something that will immediately clean up the environment between your ears. Will do wonders there too;-)

Your Life is a Masterpiece, discover it!

Anders Haglund