A lot has happened in the month since my last coaching letter. The biggest change of course being the arrival of our third child and first daughter:-) No wonder then that the content this time was inspired by her. Below is picture of me after our first night together. Tired and happy in a sweet mix…


Also, want to announce that it’s now official: I will be inspiring and changing lives for real at Elevate 2016 in Copenhagen, Nov. 11-13. It will be a fantastic week-end with among others my friend, and marketing expert extraordinaire, Eric Edmeades.

Furthermore, if you use this link https://elevateeverything.com/#affiliate=lifevision and add the promo code ”Special10” within the next 10 days you’ll get a 26% discount on your ticket! Just my way of saying I want to see you there 🙂 You will be glad you came:-) Looking forward to it.

Your Life is a Masterpiece, discover it!

Anders Haglund