Working hard on getting our new website to launch and have been a bit delayed in getting this out. Hopefully, the next one will be sent to you in its new and improved format. Anyway, this letter will be well worth reading and I promise that you will be glad for the time invested in reading it:-)

Because if you, like me, don’t put much faith in the apocalyptic Mayan calendar prophecy for 2012, then you will still have use for any ideas that can help you make 2012 your best year yet. And that’s what you will find here.

As you have probably noticed if you follow my coaching letter, I have been totally into understanding more about the 3 principles or Psychology of Mind as it is sometimes referred to. The inside out approach to happiness, joy and a generally great experience of life is incredibly satisfying to explore.

However, I always like to turn things around, shake them up and see what comes out. So this month I take a look at how our outer environment affect us. Because it does have an affect. But on what and how? When you understand that you can improve your results both quickly and easily in any area you like…

Make Your Life a Masterpiece,
Anders Haglund