This month we tried out having three kids with chickenpox. Couple that with my wife having lyme disease which has led to the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and, to say the least, it’s been challenging times. To the point where I managed to talk my way out of writing a coaching letter this month.

But it’s not about never losing ones way. It’s about getting back on it as soon as you can. So, get out for a walk, run och gym session after the ”involuntary” couch potato period. Have a fresh salad or a healthy snack if the reasons for fast food seemed irresistible yesterday. Call or see some clients the day after you were too down to bear seeing anybody.

Because both losing ones spirit and finding it again is so very human. However, we are all made of the essence of hope and are naturally great at bouncing back as soon as our mood lifts. Restarting after a tough period as a new day comes to us with the hope of a better tomorrow. A touch of that is what I hope you find in this month’s letter…

Your Life is a Masterpiece, discover it!

Anders Haglund