Are you excited about the coming year? Feel good about your chances to make it your best so far? If not, why not? Not that it wouldn’t be ok if you felt that this wasn’t your year for some reason. It’s hard for anyone to keep reaching new personal bests.

But that only goes for results. Because, when it comes to the experience of living that can still get better even in the face of hardships. We’ve all been stimulated by having a lot to do and frustrated by having a lot on our plate. Which shows that there is no connection between our external circumstances and our internal experience.

I find this endlessly intriguing and this week I was inspired by an old memory from my years on the professional golf tours and a visit to the Opera. The fact that I was more touched by the Swedish version of Chess than when I saw it in London made me realize that we can always get new things from things we thought we knew. Curious? Scroll down, read and…

Make Your Life a Masterpiece,

Anders Haglund