Amazing how quickly times flies by. Since last time I have been to England, Austria, Dubai as well as all over Scandinavia to inspire people in this new inside out view of reality. It’s incredibly gratifying to notice how it somehow resonates with something deep inside everybody.

Not to mention how my clients solve problems that I didn’t even know they had – and all on their own. Before, I was totally convinced that some kind of expert that ”knew better” had to give the solution to people who knew less. That we all really have what it takes somewhere inside us. I find this discovery beyond the cliché incredibly hopeful.

That’s why I’m very grateful to supercoach Michael Neill for showing me the first glimpse of this. So, this month I take a look at the illusions that keep us from seeing the truth about the world we live in. I hope it can give you that same glimpse of ”something wonderful”…

Make Your Life a Masterpiece,

Anders Haglund