Finally, we are seeing signs of spring coming through even here in Sweden. Me and my wife Karin chose to get some sun and warmer weather by going to Rome. For the first time, we had four days without our little boy Vince. No matter how much you love your kids we really need some uninterrupted ”grown up time” together. To be able to fill that need holding hands in the Italian sunshine in a historic place made it even more magical.

Anyway, now I’m back behind the computer screen filled with inspiration. The last few weeks have been filled with new insights. It still amazes me that there is always another level of understanding waiting around corner. And, as we see how we create our experience of life in a new light it builds a lot of compassion. Both for others and for ourselves. Because, we see that we all are facing the same problems. They just manifest in different ways depending on our personal level of understanding.

Hence, this month I will delve into what I call 180-degree thinking. That is, when we have the same challenges over and over again it’s not the world being agains us – it’s us going about solving it in a backwards kind of way. When we turn our thinking around we often can’t understand how we could miss something so blatantly obvious. Or, can’t understand how we could build such a ridiculous mountain out of a mole hill. That kind of insight is what I hope could be stirred in you by this month’s coaching letter…

Make Your Life a Masterpiece,
Anders Haglund 

Det Bästa Från Anders Haglund

Anders Haglund är en av Sveriges mest uppskattade föreläsare, inspiratörer och coacher. Han titulerar sig transformativ framgångscoach och hans livsförändrande tankar om framgång och livskvalitet har hjälpt tiotusentals människor att göra insikter som lockar fram deras bästa jag, både på jobbet och privat.