Another month has zipped by, there is a sense of spring after a long, cold winter and our little son Vince has learned how to walk. Also, I have been in Los Angeles getting superb inspiration at Michael Neill’s Supercoach Academy with George Pransky. Incredible insights into coaching, success and life in general that has already had an impact on my life.

As you probably already know, Michael is coming to Sweden and Gothenburg on the 23rd of September, and as you can tell from the above I encourage you to come if you have any chance. It will be a truly life changing day where Michael will share the best of whatever he has come up with lately.

This month I take a look at criticism. What is your reaction when you hear that word? Even though we all can use it to get better most people find it negative. No matter how sincerely it is meant to be ”positive feedback” it very seldom comes across as such, does it? How come? Scroll down, read and find out…

Gör ditt liv till ett Mästerverk,
Anders Haglund